Nearly 200 years of human evolution

Now we live in a very complete house, cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom, entertainment in the living room, reading in the study. Looking at the familiar, we can't imagine what the earliest places were like. A brief history of Interesting life gives us a good answer.

In the course of human development, how these things come into our lives. In the beginning, human beings built houses connected together without so many rooms. At that time, even servants slept with their masters, and people had no privacy.

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Later, with the development of the society, people split this big room into bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and so on.

In the course of human evolution, there are many people who played a key role, such as Edison, who invented the electric light and brought us to the age of electrification. He also made a huge fortune with this invention. And then there's Bell, who invented the telephone, which made it so easy for people to communicate, and he founded Bell Companies, and then money poured into his pocket.

These people are the lucky ones, there are some people, also made great contributions to the society, but did not have their good luck, such as the brother who invented cement, finally died in poverty. The first man to exploit oil commercially, due to the over-exploitation of oil, resulting in a glut of oil, finally bankrupt, but later Rockefeller became a tycoon with oil resources.

The closest thing to our lives is what we eat. We must not forget the brave navigators who brought American corn, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and sunflowers to our table. Imagine how much less delicious food we would have had without these, and how many navigators would have died because of them.

Of course, as we move forward, there are many dark aspects, not the least of which is the use of child labor. At that time, Westerners were also very ignorant. In order to solve their pension problems, they also kept having children. When the children were born, there was no extra food, so many of them were forced to work at the age of five or six, during which time many of them died.

This is just part of it. This book solves a lot of the puzzles in my life. It's a great book.