How to strengthen willpower

A healthy mind includes feelings, insight, will, memory, imagination, reasoning and analysis, as well as self-awareness, subconscious and moral awareness.

Just the right mix of arrogance, ambition and selfishness makes the whole evil.

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Depravity and emptiness make all men lose courage.

If you write a letter to your enemy, trying to make yourself feel better by mocking his ugly soul, do not send it before the next day. That's when you find yourself saying too much and going too far. Delete half of it, but don't send it until the next day. Leave it there. Don't destroy it. It's a good letter. The next day you can simplify it. When you can write a short, clear, courteous letter that shows good manners and proper reserve, send the last one at once, and you will be satisfied with your knowledge and thoughtfulness.

Never give in to a moment's weakness without careful consideration.

Keep the target visible.

You are your own master, and you are not manipulated by the external forces that gleefully control the fate of most ordinary people, or by nature.