Loving yourself is the beginning of a healthy relationship

Love Is a Choice by Hamfitt

This book mainly talks about drag disorder, its characteristics, effects, causes and coping methods.

Love Is a Choice
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According to the author's definition of drag disorder, "addiction to people, actions, things." The spectrum of drag disorder is very broad, and most people suffer from similar addictions with varying degrees of severity.

These definitions aside, the book has a lot to recommend it.

In recent years, "family of origin" has become particularly popular, and the analysis of childhood family of origin in this book is useful. Being fully loved in childhood plays an important role in one's life. In this paper, the part about "storage of love slot" vividly reflects the existing problems. A person whose love tank was not filled by their parents in childhood cannot repair itself as an adult and is likely to seek love in other relationships. Discontented people tend to attract another discontented person, thinking that they can fill their love with each other, and through each other, make themselves complete, they may make the discontented even more dry.

It is difficult to establish healthy interpersonal relationships, including affection and love. In order to have a healthy relationship, you have to repair your own love tank, learn to love yourself and be your own parents, and when your own love tank is full, then you can take responsibility for yourself and others. At this time, the self-evaluation will also improve, to see what kind of healthy relationship.

People should first love themselves, form a healthy self-recognition and evaluation criteria, cultivate their own acres of land well, in order to attract another healthy people, together with the expansion of production.