Passion leads to mastery

When I first saw the book "How to Excel in the Field I am interested in", I was attracted by the title. If a person can not only do what he is interested in, but also excel in the field he is interested in, many people should aspire to, and I am no exception.

I read this book with curiosity. The author is Robert Greene, a famous American bestselling author and public speaker.

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The book impressed me most: to master a field, one must love it.

After the college entrance examination, I chose the accounting major that I was interested in. I gave up the computer major that I was interested in when I was a child. I followed my parents' advice and chose the teaching major that my parents thought was the best career path.

Due to my sensitivity to numbers, I became more interested in accounting after I majored in accounting. I often used my spare time to study professional knowledge and obtain a certificate. When I graduated from university, I successfully joined a company with good benefits and continued to do the financial work I like.

Because I am interested in it, I will love it. I never feel the boredom of work, but find it very interesting. Dealing with all kinds of data every day gives me a special sense of achievement.

I have been promoted to several levels because of my careful work, good analysis and outstanding performance, and my salary has increased accordingly.

On the other hand, since I was a child, I gave up the major I was interested in and listened to my parents. Instead, I failed to stick to my own ideas. So far, I have been working in the teaching industry I don't like.

I complain every day, because I am not interested, I will not work hard, and my work is often criticized, not to mention the promotion and salary increase.

Thus, only interested will want to master, will want to link new knowledge on the basis of the original knowledge, and constantly expand their existing knowledge.

We all want to be great people, but we also know that no one can succeed casually. We can only devote more time and energy than others to focus on our passion.

In the work, we often encounter difficulties and bottlenecks. Whenever faced with such changes, we will not choose to give up, but change the way of doing things in the past, look at the problem from another Angle, and adapt to the changes at any time.